Sunday, 14 July 2013

some other excellent street art links

here's some other excellent street art links
 all are worth a visit and all are helping to prevent urban image extinction

starting with Banksy of course ..

Purple Umbrella Lady and Sad Square

This building has now been demolished and these 2 images are gone forever
now existing only here at str33tlevel
the Urban Extinction continues

Purple Umbrella Lady 


Boombox dude

Stoned snail

Some friendly faces

Nice 3D work

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Panda and Sheep miss you

Panda seems a little meloncholic

These 2 super cute yet slightly sad looking characters combined with the simple text stating their longing feelings for, in the sheep's case, their monkey and other loved ones trigger the feelings we all have for someone that's left our sphere.

**GONE FOREVER** My hearts a mess

As penned by the now world-renowned Gotye the simply stencilled words "My hearts a mess" trigger an in-head playing of that famous track. Striking a instant chord with all those struggling emotionally.

Toys will be Toys ..

The clever use of a popular character combined with a humourous twist on a widely known phrase ensures "Toys will be toys" receives the status of opening post on Str33tlevel. Where can we go from here ?